Labradorite for Protection Opal for Cosmic Consciousness Rose Quartz for Heart Chakra Crystal Quartz for Energizing & Purification Necklace


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I have made a beautiful all Natural Stone necklace for those who seek the energy of nature.

I have included:

Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra, linked to Taurus and Libra) Is the most effective stone against damaging radiation, it stimulates the circulation and thus increases sexuality and fertility, it relives pain associated with shingles and has a refreshing effect. it strengthens friendships, combats lovesickness and opens the mind to beautiful things. it assists in opening and healing the heart chakra and encourages forgiveness, compassion and service to humanity.

Smoky Quartz (Root Chakra, linked to Libra) Is a stone that strengthens the supporting and connective tissue as well as the muscles, it stabilizes the joints and stimulates fertility by activating the production of the sexual glands. it brings inner calm to its possessor and helps give renewed strength to overcome grief. it activates the root chakra, it is grounding, centering, strengthening and protecting. it transforms negative, selfish and destructive behavior patters. protects against pollution, radiation and electromagnetic smog.

Clear Quartz Crystal (Leo, Gemini and Capricorn) The king of the healing stones, it is the Master Healing crystal. it acts as a prism to break light into the full color spectrum and so can be used for all healing work on any part of the body. Clear quartz crystals can receive, transmit, store and amplify energy and information and so can be programmed for any task or special purpose. Promotes healing and harmony to any environment it is placed in. Energizes all chakras and strengthens the energy field.

Opal (Crown Chakra, linked to Cancer and Pisces) Linked to the heart, stomach and digestion. It has a beneficial effect on the psyche, pouring balm on broken hearts and restoring inner harmony. In meditation, it is one of the most powerful stones for the soul. the Merlin stone, it helps you to awaken your magical potential. Enhances intuition and psychic powers, and evokes mystical qualities, it activates visionary experience. Awakens enthusiasm, imagination and creativity, mobilizes the lymph, cleanses and helps with coughs and diseases of the respiratory tract.

Labradorite (Sacral Chakra, linked to Aquarius) Called the Druid Stone or The Stone of Destiny, a stone for mystics and psychics, it helps you to find your true path, enhances patience and a knowing of "right timing". It has a calming, harmonizing effect, improves intuition and clarifies the possessor's own views and objectives.

Silver transmits and intensifies the power of healing stones, silver has a calming effect on irritable people and encourages inner peace.

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